Strengthening the ties between citizens and legislatures

2nd Gathering of the Open Parliament Network

San José, Costa Rica | March 15-18, 2017


Gender Equality and the Media

3rd Parliamentary Forum on Beijing+20

Santiago, Chile | January 12-13, 2017


13th Plenary Assembly

Strengthening parliaments and building resilient societies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

Mexico City, Mexico | December 5-7, 2016



Parliamentary Training Session

Maximizing the use of technology to improve communication with constituents

Mexico City, Mexico | December 5, 2016


41st Board of Directors Meeting

Mexico City, Mexico | December 5, 2016


Parliamentary Exchange: Multi-party caucuses for gender equality

Ottawa, Canada | October 20-21, 2016


What we do

Strengthening democracy and governance in the Americas through dialogue and parliamentary cooperation


February 16, 2017

The President of ParlAmericas urges respect for the rights of Venezuelan parliamentarians

ParlAmericas, as an independent forum that promotes parliamentary diplomacy in the inter-American system, upholds cooperative political dialogue and good legislative practices. More

January 12, 2017

President Marcela Guerra speaks at the Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls

Senator Marcela Guerra (Mexico), President of ParlAmericas, presented at the forum “Mexico’s Priorities on the 2017 Multilateral Agenda,” organized by the Commission on External Relations and International Organizations, during the Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls. More

January 11, 2017

Michelle Bachelet to be the keynote speaker at ParlAmericas’ Parliamentary Forum “Gender Equality and the Media”

Her Excellency the President of the Republic, Ms. Michelle Bachelet, will be in attendance for the inauguration of the 3rd Parliamentary Forum on Beijing +20: Gender Equality and the Media, to take place on January 12 and 13 in Santiago, Chile. More

Next Activity

2nd Gathering of the Open Parliament Network

San José, Costa Rica | March 15-18, 2017  

This gathering will focus on advancing the institutionalization of mechanisms for citizen participation in legislative decision-making, in accordance with the commitments adopted as part of the 3rd pillar of the Road Map towards Legislative Openness.







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