2006-2009: Cecilia López

Cecilia López is a Colombian economist and politician, active in the Liberal Party. She was Colombian Ambassador to The Netherlands (1985-1988), Director of the ECLAC Employment Programme (1988-1990) and Director of the Colombian Fondo Financiero de Proyectos de Desarrollo (Fonade) (National Financial Fund for Development Projects) (1981-82). Representing the Liberal Party, she was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Minister for Environmental Affairs, National Planning Director, and Senator (2006-2010). She was elected President of the Group of Women Parliamentarians of ParlAmericas (then known as FIPA) in November 2006, which office she held until the 6 Plenary Assembly in September 2009. She was pre-candidate to the presidency of Colombia for the Liberal Party in the 2010 elections, but was defeated in the party consultation poll held in September 2009. As legislator, she is recognized for her involvement in initiatives such as the establishment of a Legal Congressional Commission for the Equity of Women at the Colombian Congress (2009), which was approved.