Miami, United States8th Executive Committee Meeting

* Concurrently with the 8th Ministerial Summit of the Free-Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss preparations for the next Plenary Assembly, to be held in Chile, including the program and working groups, to consider legal and administrative matters of interest to the Forum, and to meet the various players involved in the FTAA negotiation process, including the ministers from Canada and Costa Rica.

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Ciudad de México, MéxicoMeeting 01. Group on Terrorism

Host: Mexico

Objectives of the meeting: to establish a representative working group that can make concrete contributions on the topic of terrorism and lay the foundation to develop concerted political solutions to fight it.

Agenda (Spanish)


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Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá1st Meeting of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (held during the 2nd Plenary Assembly)


- To discuss the creation of the Group of Women Parliamentarians of the Americas


Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá2nd Plenary Assembly


Challenges and Opportunities for Hemispheric Integration


  • To discuss challenges and opportunities for hemispheric integration, including the Summit of the Americas process,
  • To discuss the importance of the International Criminal Court, the process of negotiating the FTAA, international cooperation to combat terrorism, the work of the OAS in consolidating the democratic process in the Americas
  • To discuss the scope of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, and to develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments


1. The Interaction of Tax Policy and Trade, Economic Growth, and Social Development

2. The Impact of Economic and Financial Crises in the Region

3. The Free Trade Area of the Americas Negotiations

4. Group of Women Parliamentarians



  • Harmonization and Tax Systems in the Americas (Claudino Pita - Working Group 1)
  • The Challenges of Tax Policy Related to Regional Economic Integration (Alberto Barreix - Working Group 1)
  • Globalization and Financial Crises in Latin America (Roberto Frenkel - Working Group 2)
  • Update on the FTAA process (Peter E. Kirby - Working Group 3)



Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá7th Executive Committee Meeting

Objectives of the meeting: to update on the preliminary arrangements for the Plenary Assembly, the functioning of the working groups and other issues related with the Plenary Assembly, and to follow up on the establishment of the Technical Secretariat.