Bogotá, Colombia4th Meeting of the Group of Women Parliamentarians (held during the 5th Plenary Assembly)

Host: Colombia

Objectives of the meeting: to carry out the 2007-2008 work plan of the Group of Women Parliamentarians.


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Bogotá, Colombia5th Plenary Assembly


  • To look at the role of parliamentarians in trade and integration policies, the implementation of poverty reduction strategies, and the fight against drug trafficking
  • To develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments


  • WG1. Trade, Integration and Development Polices in the Americas
  • WG2. Strategies to Reduce Poverty and Inequality
  • WG3. The Fight against Drug Trafficking
  • Group of Women Parliamentarians



  • The Pressure of Globalization on Trade and Integration Policies: Challenges and opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean (Paolo Giordano - WG1)
  • Poverty and Inequality Reduction Strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean (Wanda Engel - WG2)
  • Strengthening Parliamentary Involvement in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Process (Amelita A. Armit - WG2)
  • Evaluation of Progress in Drug Control (2003-2004), Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) (OAS - WG3): Barbados, Bolivia (Spanish), Brazil (Portuguese), Canada, Chile (Spanish), Colombia (Spanish), Ecuador (Spanish), Grenada, Haiti (French), Mexico (Spanish), Dominican Republic (Spanish), Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay (Spanish), Venezuela (Spanish)
  • Action Plan – 2006-2007 (Group of Women Parliamentarians)




Bogotá, Colombia15th Executive Committee Meeting

Objectives of the meeting: to update members on the latest arrangements connected with the 5th Plenary Assembly, to adopt rules of procedure for the working groups, to review the nominations received for elections to be held during the Plenary Assembly, and to assess a series of draft resolutions aimed at amending FIPA regulations.

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Washington, D.C., USA14th Executive Committee Meeting

Objectives of the meeting: to progress with plans for the 5th Plenary Assembly, to explore possible cooperation between FIPA and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) on training for parliamentarians, and to continue with the review of FIPA regulations which began at the previous meeting of the Executive Committee in Guatemala.

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