Ottawa, Canada6th Plenary Assembly

Theme: Prosperity and Cooperation: A New Agenda for the Americas

Objectives of the meeting: to discuss different aspects of prosperity and cooperation in the Americas, including  the global economic and financial crisis, the issue of food security and challenges related to international migrations and human rights, and to develop recommendations for the hemisphere’s parliaments.

Working groups

  • WG1. Financial and Economic Crisis
  • WG2. Food Security
  • WG3. International Migrations and Human Rights
  • Group of Women Parliamentarians. Towards a Gender-Sensitive Legislative Agenda for Development in the Americas



  • The Global Economic and Financial Crisis (Michael Holden - WG1)
  • The Economic and Financial Crisis (Vinita Watson - WG1)
  • Food Security in the Americas – Situation and Policy Options (Frédéric Forge - WG2)
  • Food Security: Institutional Framework and Policy Elements (Juan Carlos García Cebolla - WG2)
  • The Global Food Crisis: Implications for the Developing World (Máximo Torero - WG2)
  • Migration and Human Rights in the Americas (Sandra Elgersma - WG3)
  • International Migration, the Global Economic Crisis, and Human Rights in the Americas (Demetrios G. Papademetriou - WG3)
  • Women and Parliament (Julie Cool - Group of Women Parliamentarians)


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Ottawa, Canada5th Meeting of te Group of Women Parliamentarians (held during the 6th Plenary Assembly)


Prosperity and Cooperation: A New Agenda for the Americas


To discuss how to eliminate or reduce the disparity in the number of women engaged in the political process



Ottawa, Canada20th Executive Committee Meeting

Objectives of the meeting: to review preparations for the 6th Plenary Assembly of FIPA, to consider draft resolutions and recommendations to be submitted by the Executive Committee to the Plenary Assembly, and to review vacancies and procedures for elections to take place during the Plenary Assembly. An update on the financial situation of FIPA was also provided.

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Washington, United States19th Executive Committee Meeting

Objectives of the meeting: to move forward on preparations for the 6th Plenary Assembly of FIPA, to discuss future activities of FIPA’s Group of Women Parliamentarians and capacity-building for legislators, and to address administrative matters.

The program of activities also included a meeting with the Secretary for External Affairs of the Organization of American States (OAS) and other OAS officials, to discuss concrete means of strengthening cooperation between the two institutions.

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Port-au-Prince, Haïti2nd Parliamentary Mission to Haiti by the Group of Women Parliamentarians


  • To build capacity and accompany women candidates to the 2009 legislative and municipal elections in Haiti
  • For FIPA delegates to participate as speakers and mentors in a round table with candidates of various political parties, addressing issues such as campaign financing, communication strategies, parliamentary roles and responsibilities, and the incorporation of a gender perspective to the programs of political parties



Port of Spain, Trinidad and TobagoParliamentary Dialogue prior to the 5th Summit of the Americas “Engaging Parliaments in the Summits of the Americas’ Process”

Objectives: to explore the potential for deeper cooperation between parliaments and governments, toward advancing hemispheric goals set forth in the Declaration of Commitment of Port-of-Spain, to ensure that the Summit Process is more transparent and accountable, and that decisions made by Heads of States and Governments at the 5th Summit are implemented in a way that benefits the citizens of the Americas.

FIPA delegation

  • Luiz Hauly, Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Brazil
  • Céline Hervieux-Payette, Senator, Canada
  • Nancy Patricia Gutiérrez Castañeda, President of the Senate, Colombia
  • Emmanuelle Pelletier, Executive Secretary, FIPA