2015-2016 | Election Observation Mission in Haiti - MiOEH

Haiti | October, 2015Election Observation Mission in Haiti - MiOEH



ParlAmericas is an independent network of the national legislatures of countries of the Americas and the Caribbean. Following the signature of a memorandum of understanding with the Provisional Electoral Council, ParlAmericas launched the Election Observation Mission in Haiti (Mission d'Observation Électoral en Haïti - MiOEH) for the presidential, parliamentary and regional elections held on October 25, 2015. 


The purpose of this initiative was to promote a non-violent electoral process, while ensuring respect for national electoral laws, and compliance with regional and international commitments and good practices. The mission also applied an important focus on women’s political participation through a series of consultations, roundtables, and focus groups with women candidates and representatives of civil society organizations.


The MiOEH was mandated to lead an independent, neutral and impartial observation of the election process by engaging in dialogue with stakeholders that promoted inclusive and rules-based electoral conduct.


Led by Mr. Thomas Cormier, the MiOEH team comprised six experts in election observation, media, gender and civil society engagement. It deployed 12 long-term Observers (LTOs) throughout Haiti’s departments, 24 Short-term Observers (STOs) for the October 25 2015 election, and 2 delegations of parliamentarians from across Latin America and the Caribbean for consultations with civil society and elected office-holders.


The MiOEH observers evaluated the different phases of the electoral process for compliance with Haiti’s national laws and regional and international commitments. They conducted interviews and meetings with candidates, political party representatives, electoral personnel in various departments and communities, media, and civil society representatives, to draw objective conclusions on the progress of electoral campaigns, operational preparations, and the conduct of actors involved in the electoral process.

Parliamentarian support

ParlAmericas engaged current and former legislators of the Americas as observers, with the purpose of promoting continued parliamentary cooperation. 

ParlAmericas’ mission is to:

  • Promote parliamentary participation in the inter-American system,
  • Contribute to inter-parliamentary dialogue on current issues in the Americas, and,
  • Strengthen the role of parliaments in the promotion and defense of democracy and human rights in the Americas.